Aspen Fuel is made in Sweden and is specially designed for 2 stroke (RED container) and 4 stroke small (BLUE container). Engines fitted to lawnmowers, chainsaws and most other garden machinery. Aspen alkylate fuel is made from the purest form of petrol available-alkylate petroleum. These fuels are sulphur free and contain less than 1% of the amount of benzene found in pump fuel.

Very assuring and money saving!

How many times does it happen? The petrol mower, chainsaw, trimmer or hedgetrimmer comes out of the shed or garage, the starter rope is pulled and pull after pull it just won’t start. Why? Well, 9 times out of 10 it is likely to be stale fuel!

Todays pump fuel has a tendency to go stale within 6 weeks thus causing starting and engine problems that can result in costly repairs.

Both professional and domestic users in the UK are now using Aspen fuel as it stays fresh when left in the engine or container and can be kept for up to five years without going off.

We at Hayes Garden Machinery & ATVs highly recommend Aspen fuel, many of our customers now use it on a regular basis and are happy and delighted with the performance and starting of their machines.

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