Etesia Duocut Range, Semi-pro mowers with lots of options to suit your requirements. Options include: Deck sizes, Engine types, Blade Clutch, Drive options.

3 in 1, Collect, Mulch or Rear Discharge


New Etesia PRO 46 Evolution: A three-in-one professional mower
The new range of PRO 46 Evolution mowers are extremely versatile and are capable of mowing with or without collection in all conditions, or allowing high-quality mulching. And they do all that with no need for an accessory! (Mulching insert supplied).
This high performance is possible thanks to the Duocut concept which combines 100% collection and 100% mulching decks together – all without compromising the results of either of the functions. It offers a very high collection performance because the grass is crushed finely – even if it is long and wet. The grassbox is always filled to capacity.
Changing the mowing system is easy: just place the removable insert under the deck if you want to mulch. Remove the insert if you prefer to mow – with or without collection. There is no need for a tool or blade change. The insert completes the shape of the deck to form a smooth surface with no roughness, allowing the grass to move easily for incomparably superior mulching.
The Etesia PRO 46 PHCT is the Honda single speed model.

pro 46

Powerful, compact, easy to use, safe, Etesia’s PRO 51X is a variable speed mower ideal for a wide range of grass conditions. Theoretical mowing rate: up to 2090 sqm/hour. Can be used on slopes up to 20°. The special shape of the mowing deck produces a powerful suction and blowing effect to ensure a quality cut with maximum collection.


Performance at its best
The Etesia Hydro 80 cuts and collects both long and short grass, without clogging. Add to that its compact dimensions, ease of use, hydrostatic drive and powerful 15hp twin-cylinder KAWASAKI engine, and you have a highly efficient machine offering the kind of output that would easily replace three walk-behind mowers.

Demonstrator Available