SXG Range
The SXG Range is the ultimate in cut and collection mowers, with the ability to perform exceptionally even in the wet conditions, allowing you to work without the weather restricting you.
Starting with the SXG216+, although this may be the smallest collection mower in the ISEKI range, it still has the same robust features of the SXG323 and SXG326 range. Powered by a 13.5 hp diesel engine with plenty of torque to drive the 40” shaft driven deck and the soft touch 2 pedal HST transmission.
The 19hp engine in the SXG323 has ample power to run the 48” direct collect, shaft driven deck. The outstanding collection is achieved by the smart HST transmission design that allows the lowest and straightest path for the cut grass to reach the collector. With slightly more power the 21hp SXG326 has the option of a 54” deck as well as the 48”. Larger wheels give a little more ground clearance and a lighter footprint in those sensitive areas. With hydraulic deck lift, power steering and collector dump the SXG323 and SXG326 are easy to use. Options include High Tip Collector, Road Lighting, Rear Deflector and tow bar.


13.5 hp diesel mid-mount ride-on collector mower
320 litre collector with electro-hydraulic tipping
40″ mower deck
Dial-type height adjuster


19 hp mid-mount ride-on collector mower
Choice of 600 litre high tip or 550 litre low tip collectors
48″ centre discharge deck
Excellent cutting and collection in wet or dry conditions


21 hp mid-mount ride-on collector mower
Choice of 600 litre high tip or 550 litre low tip collectors
48″ or 54″ centre discharge decks. 54″ mulching deck also available
Excellent cutting and collection in wet or dry conditions

SZ Range
With lower running costs than the equivalent size petrol machines, this machine has easy to use controls including hydraulic deck lift and electro-hydraulic deck engagement. The SZ range is powered by a 30hp diesel engine with the choice of either a 63” or 72” rear discharge deck. The controls are zero turn making the mower

highly manoeuvrable making it the ideal mower for cutting areas where there are many obstacles, enabling the operator to work efficiently. Due the to compact size it also has the ability to access tight spaces with ease. With these attributes and high torque the SZ330 has supreme productivity ideal for cutting large and difficult areas.


30 hp diesel Zero-turn mower
Hydrostatic transmission
Electro-hydraulic PTO engagement
63″ or 72″ rear discharge decks available

SF Range
Compact, lightweight and manoeuvrable, the SF224 and SF235 mowers have impeller assisted high tip collectors and a choice of either the 22hp engine with 54” deck or the 32.5hp engine with 60″ deck. The deck is low maintenance with no belts to adjust on the cutting system.
The electric auto reversing cooling fan continuously cleans the radiator screen keeping the engine at the correct working temperature. High capacity fuel tank and road lighting as standard helps with working those long hours.
The SF310 and SF370 are the ideal 30hp or 36hp outfront mowers for either a 63” or 72” rotary deck or a front mounted flail for the toughest jobs. With a large footprint and a low centre of gravity these mowers feel safe and surefooted in any condition.
The largest collection mower with unrivalled performance is the SF450, with a 46hp engine, 60” shaft drive deck, 2 speed 1300 Litre high tip collector, automatic hydrostatic 4 wheel drive with cruise control, it is ideal for the most demanding of tasks.


SF235 & SF224 Collector
32.5hp out-front 60” mower with a 950 litre collector
Automatic 4WD or can be pre-selected
60” deck with single with point height adjustment, mulching plate and high tip collector as standard
22hp SF224 same features as SF235 but with a 54” deck



46 hp Out-front 60″ mower with a 1300 litre collector
4WD and cruise control
60″ deck with quick height adjustment system and mulching plate
High tip collector

The SRA range of sturdy and hardworking brush cutter’s comprise of 2 models. The SRA800 is 2 wheel drive, has an 800mm width of cut with a 16hp Kawasaki engine that is capable of cutting on slopes up to 15 Degrees. The SRA950F is the range leader with 4 wheel drive, 950mm cutting deck coupled to a 24hp Kawasaki engine which allows this machine to work on slopes up to 25 degrees.
The decks have been designed to tackle the toughest conditions whilst also keeping the drive belts free from debris, allowing the operator to be as productive as possible.


Ride-on 4WD Brush cutter
95 cm cutting deck with swing tip blades
Dual control hydrostatic transmission and differential lock plus 4WD
25 degree slope capability

Ride-on 2WD Brush cutter with an 80 cm cutting deck
80 cm cutting deck with swing tip blades
Dual control hydrostatic transmission and differential lock
15 degree slope capability


Iseki TXG 237 Sub-Compact Tractor, Features Diesel engine and Hydrostatic Transmission and rear linkage,

Options include, Mid mount deck, Ag or Turf tyres, Front Loader and Cab


Iseki TG Range, Options include, Manual, Powershift or Hydrostatic Transmissions