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The Efco LR53 TBX Allroad Plus 4 is a new self propelled petrol lawn mower from Italian brand EFCO and offers you high specification components and up to date features at an unbeatable price. Offering you fantastic value for money this Efco LR53 TBX is a solid and reliable petrol driven self propelled lawn mower. It is perfect for tackling larger areas of grounds, maintaining orchards or paddocks or larger than average gardens.

One of the stand out features of this Efco LR53 TBX is its 4-in-1 functionality. Versatile and efficient, you can use this mower in a variety of conditions. On longer grass you can collect the grass clippings but if the grass is too long or quite rough you can choose to side or rear discharge. This allows you to cut larger areas without the need to empty the collecting bag which saves you an enormous amount of time and energy. If conditions allow, you can use the highly competent mulching system. The grass will be recycled back onto the ground where it will act as a rich fertilizer which means you won’t need to spend time or money on additional products. You can fertilize as you mow! Your lawn will be green and lush and as healthy as can be with the minimum effort from you. The grass bag is a generous 70 litre which is great if you need to collect a lot of grass.

Efco have chosen to equip this self propelled petrol lawn mower with the smooth running and ultra reliable Briggs and Stratton 150cc 625E series engine. Chosen not just for its powerful capabilities but also for its low noise muffler and the durable splash system that allows for better lubrication – for a longer engine life. It also features a magnetron ignition system which ensures extremely reliable starting. Carefully designed to be low on fuel usage and lower than normal on emissions, this is great news for your pocket and the planet.

The Briggs and Stratton 625E series engine that powers the Efco LR53TBX features 150cc and has various advanced features such as a patented low noise muffler, a duralube splash system for better lubrication and longer engine life and a magnetron ignition system for reliable starts.

You can choose from 6 cutting heights that range from 28mm-75mm and the higher settings are ideal if your grass is getting a bit too long for comfort. Whether you are mulching shorter grass or dealing with an overgrown garden, changing the height settings is easy and quick. 51cm (21″) Cutting Width makes this Efco LR53TBX allroad plus 4 self propelled petrol lawn mower ideal for those larger sized gardens.

The rear wheels are higher than the front wheels – this simplistic design has a big effect on the manoeuvrability of this Efco LR53TBX. They allow for a smooth and steady run and a tighter turning circle. Great news if you need to get up close in corners and tight spots. At first glance you are sure to notice the chunky wheels with their moulded grips. They offer seriously improved traction and stability, however the front bumper will protect the machine against any accidental bumps.

Your comfort and safety is always at the top of Efco’s list so it may not be a surprise to learn that the handlebars are fully adjustable, you can choose from two positions to ensure minimum strain on your arms, shoulders and back. The rubber grip is comfortable and will help to minimise vibrations.

At the front of the machine you will find a carry handle – a handy feature to ensure moving this 3.4kg lawn mower is as easy as possible. The fold down handles are great for when space is at a premium.

For peace of mind, the Efco LR53TBX Allroad Plus 4 lawn mower also comes with an unrivalled 3 years manufacturers warranty.



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