Stiga Park 520p c/w 100cm Combi EL Deck

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Quick overview
The Stiga Park 520 P is a 50:50 articulated machine, rear wheels exactly follow the front wheels track. Provided with hydraulic power steering for increased manoeuvrability, pedal controlled hydrostatic transmission for a smooth speed adjustment and, powered by a Briggs & Stratton Intek 4185 AVS single cylinder petrol engine, this Park model is a high specification machine with lateral control panel, cushioned seat and bright LED front light for night work. This offer includes a 100cm Combi 3 Blade electric cutting deck


The Park 520 P has all the features you would associate with a Stiga Park; articulated steering, front mounted cutter deck, hydrostatic drive, a comfortable adjustable seat, adjustable steering wheel and ergonomic controls. It also features mechanical servo assisted steering, another innovation from Stiga which provides extra light steering control, so working around obstacles is even easier.
Stiga produced their first Park in 1974. It was a revolutionary product with genuine articulated steering, allowing the machine to bend in the middle, and a front mounted cutter deck. This afforded amazing manoeuvrability and visibility. The Park 520 P is no exception – you’ll have excellent all round visibility and top class performance. Mowing around trees, in and out of corners, or under bushes are a breeze as this unique steering system means the rear wheels will always follow the front wheels. There’s no need to worry about the back of the machine catching on anything.
The Park 520 P is fitted with the smooth, powerful Briggs & Stratton Intek 4185 AVS single cylinder engine. The hydrostatic drive gives you full control of your ground speed, simply press the foot pedal forward to move forward, or backwards to go into reverse. The more pressure you apply, the faster your speed – take your foot off the pedal when you want to stop.
With ten preset heights of cut, from 25 to 90mm, and recycling or rear discharge modes, the 100cm Combi Electric deck means you can be sure of getting the ideal finish in all types of grass and working conditions.
Built today for tomorrow, all models come with a minimum 3 year warranty.


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