Viking MA235 Compact Cordlees Lawn Mower set

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The MA 235 is ideal for gardens up to approx. 200 m². It negotiates obstacles like bushes or trees elegantly without a cable. Highly practical: the battery charge state is visible in the window. The MA 235 uses very little energy thanks to its direct drive.



Standard features

Includes Ak20 Battery and AL101 Charger

Carrying handle
The integrated carrying handle allows for easy transport and loading of the mower.

Polymer deck
The lawn mower housing is made of high impact, heat and UV resistant polymer.

Innovative grass catcher box
The catcher box can be 100% filled, thanks to the optimised design shape and air guide. The air vents face downwards so that grass and dust do not escape upwards. The two-part catcher box design ensures easy opening and emptying.

Integral grass level indicator
The integral level indicator shows when the catcher box is full and ready for emptying

Easy-running wheels
Large wheels with high quality ball bearings for easy running. The tread pattern provides better traction and allows for easy cleaning.

High-lift blades
The high-lift blades combined with the aerodynamic housing produce a strong air current that lifts the grass before cutting and blows the cut grass into the grass catcher box

Additional information

Battery Voltage


Cutting Width


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