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A robotic mower..?

Who, What and Why?

Who… Here at Hayes Machinery we specialize in the sales, installation and service of robotic lawn mowers. We are one of the most experienced robotic mower companies in the South West. Our team of specialist staff have you covered from the initial sale, the installation, servicing and any questions or issues you may come across. We pride ourselves on being with you every step of the way, long after the sale is complete. You can purchase machines from anywhere these days, the important thing for us is to make sure you are looked after and given the correct guidance and support. Collectively we have over 500 installations under our belts and as history has taught us, the art of any robotic mowing system is in the installation!
(if you are browsing our website doing research or are outside of our installation area, please make sure you use a very experienced company to install your robotic system)

What.. A robotic mower is a lawnmower that automatically cuts your lawn. They work similarly to a robotic vacuum cleaner as they are fully automatic and require a lot less input from the user than traditional mowing methods.

Here at Hayes Machinery, we mainly deal in the market leading Husqvarna Automowers and are one of their only 26 specialist Automower dealers in the country.

We also deal in AL-KO Robilino Robotic mowing systems as these fit in well between the Husqvarna’s where required.

Why.. A robotic mower is a great way to free up time. On average if you historically took 2 hours a week to mow your lawn then this will be reduced to about 10 minutes, of which ideally will be used to clean and maintain your robotic mower. There can also be large cost savings compared to employing a gardener to cut your grass or similar costs to purchasing a ride on mower (garden depending of course).

Robot mowers cut little and often, depending on their settings cutting 1-3mm per pass. This is the gentlest way to cut grass, reducing moss and fertilising the lawn with the short, unobtrusive clippings left behind. This can vastly improve the quality of your lawn over time with minimal effort.

Many of the major brands now offer robotic mowers as they are becoming increasingly popular. With model’s capable of cutting gardens up to 6000sqm, along with terrain mapping this allows the mowers to handle tougher and stepper slopes. All robotic mowers are battery powered meaning they produce minimal noise and zero pollution from the machine itself.

How does a Robotic Mower work?

Our Robotic Mower Specialist will install a set of boundary wires which keep the robotic mower on your lawn. The robotic mower will then map out your garden following these boundary wires.

Using onboard sensors, the mowers then follow these boundary wires cutting the grass in the designated area. Using the onboard sensors, the mowers will avoid and negotiate obstacles without causing any damage.

At the edge of the mowing area, a base station is placed, which the mower will automatically visit when the battery needs recharging. The robotic mowers are programmed with weekly routines that can be changed easily from your phone or tablet. (Depending on model).

The mower will then operate at the chosen times and cut your lawn day or night, rain or shine. Thus, all areas of the lawn are mowed effectively.

From your phone or tablet you can monitor the mower and schedule its cutting times. Some of our robotic mowers also come with a GPS system that can be used to set specific paths and patterns. This also allows you to view a bird’s eye map of the mowers path via the app. This helps determine the mowers path and areas it may be cutting most.

Modern mowers are also protected from theft with PIN codes and alarm systems that activate if the mower is interfered with without the PIN. More advanced models even include a geofence. If the mowers are taken outside a specific GPS area, the alarms will sound continuously, causing the machine to lock itself down. The mower will then send tracking data back to your phone or tablet, allowing you to locate it.

Why choose a Robotic Mower?

A robotic mower is a great way to free up time and create a perfect looking lawn. Instead of mowing the lawn, you can spend time with your family and friends, and engage in activities that are more enjoyable. And all the while, your lawn is kept in perfect shape by your robotic mower. Quietly and effortlessly, come rain or shine.

A  robotic mower keeps your lawn in shape using a minimal amount of energy, it requires no petrol or oil, and there are no emissions or fumes.

The fresh cut by the razor-sharp knives improves the natural growth and quality of the grass. The clippings return to the ground as fertilizer, so the longer your mower is out there working, the healthier your lawn will get.

With its low energy consumption, and no fuel or emissions to worry about, a robotic mower is an eco-smart choice. If your garden is suitable for a robotic mower then there is no better way to get your grass cut.


A robotic mower is a very cost effective way to get your lawn mown.

Robotic Mower vs Ride On
Robotic mowers are a similar purchase cost to a ride on mower but the bonus is you don’t have to spend time sitting on it to get the job done, nor would you have to pay someone to sit on it for you.

Robotic mowers don’t have any belts or pulleys and are of a much simpler build compared to ride on mowers, this means that servicing and maintenance cost are also much lower than their ride on friends.

A huge bonus is not having to fill up your ride on with petrol and to continuously check your oil levels on the engine. As robots are battery powered and charge themselves when required.

Robotic mower vs Gardener
Do you employ a gardener to come in once a week to mow your lawn?
A gardener on average will charge £55 to cut a half acre lawn (using their own machinery). Domestic lawns are cut approximately 30 times a year, if cut on a weekly basis, this is an annual cost of £1650 per year. A robotic mowing system for a half acre garden would cost somewhere in the region of £2500-£3000.

The robotic mower would still cut the grass when its raining and would hopefully not call up the day before your BBQ to say they can’t make it that day.

All a robotic mower would really require is a weekly tummy tickle (brush underneath to keep it clean) and a fresh set of blades a couple times a year, other than that a service with your dealer (Hayes Machinery, of course).

Customer Testimonials

Watch the video below to see what our customers have to say about their robotic mowers.

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