HONDA HRM 40 / 40 Live / 70 Robotic Mower

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  • Mowing Area Capacity: 400 – 700m2
  • 190mm cutting width
  • 30mm – 50mm cutting height
  • Mowing time per charge: 45 minutes
  • Boundary wire and pegs included: 125m / 180 pegs
  • User Interface: Control Panel
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The smart solution for the perfect lawn.  This innovative robotic mower takes the hard work out of your hands.  Miimo is the smart way to achieve the perfect lawn and to keep it that way all year round.  It calculates the size of your space and uses Map & Mow technology to cleverly cut around garden ornaments and furniture.

The Miimo creates a bespoke mowing calendar by using Smart Timer* to monitor the weather and the speed your grass grows.  With the Mii-Monitor app* and Amazon Alexa* connectivity you can make adjustments remotely and even activate your mower using voice commands.

*  (HRM40 live and 70 live only)

The safety of your Miimo is guaranteed, with a unique security code – this sets a protective alarm that will sound if anyone picks up your Miimo, ensuring no one can use it but you.

The HRM 40, 40 Live and 70 Live come with 125m of boundary wire and 180 pegs supplied for in ground placing.


Mii – Monitor App*

Access the Mii-monitor app to see when, and how often your Miimo is planning to mow – and easily make any adjustments you need.  Connects via 3G/4G** or Bluetooth.

Amazon Alexa*

Smart connectivity with Amazon Alexa, means you can start, stop and review Small Miimo’s mowing schedule, simply by asking Alexa.

Smart Timer*

Small Miimo accesses real-time weather data to select the best time to mow, avoiding times of heavy rain and cutting less often during dry seasons.

Place & Mow

Manually input a precise cutting area and watch your Small Miimo effortlessly cut those hard to reach spaces.

Map & Mow

Small Miimo will map your gardens layout, calculate its size, create a mowing calendar and logically cut your lawn in the most intelligent way.

Selectable Border cut**

Enjoy a pristine finish all year long with complete control of how often Miimo trims the border edges of your lawn.

Automatic Charging System

When Small Miimo’s low on battery, it heads directly to the docking station to recharge, before getting straight back to work.

Intensive Cutting

When needed, you can activate intensive cutting and give your whole lawn a deep, thorough cut.

Double Cutting

Extra care when your space needs it most.  Miimo automatically mows your lawn twice at the start of the season or after a 2-week break


Rain or shine, Small Miimo’s IPX4 weatherproof design means it can take on most poor weather conditions.

Logical Cutting Pattern

Small Miiimo mows efficiently and logically, in a systematic pattern that creates pristine 5m stripes across your lawn.

Micro Mulching

Fertilise as you mow – Small Miimo’s micro mulching technology finely slices your grass clippings and dispenses the particles evenly over your lawn.

*  Available on HRM40 live and 70 live only

** Available on HRM 70 live only

Technical Info

Technical Info



Product Type Years Warranty Years Domestic Years Professional
Honda Core Lawnmowers: HRD, HRH, HRX, HRZ and UM Grass Managers 7 7 1
Honda Tillers, Ride-ons, Hand Held Range, Lawn Tractors, Split-shaft Brushcutters 5 – Batteries 1 Year 5 – Batteries 1 Year 1 – Batteries 1 Year
Honda Izy range of Mowers and HRS 5 5 3 Months
Honda Electric Mowers, including Miimo 2 2 N/A
Honda Cordless range 2 2 1


Robotic Lawn Mowers Delivery

When you purchase a robotic mower from ABA Groundcare you will receive a call from one of our robotic mower experts to discuss your purchase. Alternatively you can speak with one of our experts prior to making your purchase to make sure you are buying the correct machine for your garden. Or arrange a garden visit for our expert to visit you. Please contact us at our Dorchester or Tiverton depots.

We offer a full installation service covering Devon, Somerset & Dorset. If you live outside of these areas we can still supply you with the products, installation accessories and we can even offer you guidance and advise on how to install and maintain your product yourself.

Every installation is different and so is the cost of doing this, we advise you discussing and making a plan first with one of our experts to make sure it is right, as the art to any robotic mowing system is in the installation.

If you are purchasing from us on a supply only basis, delivery will usually be 3-5 business days from order. If we are supplying and installing the product for you, this will normally be completed within a couple weeks from purchase, our robotic mower expert will discuss this with you when they call. During busy periods these timescales can increase but we will let you know asap if anything changes.

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