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  • Up to 800m² Lawns  
  • 18cm Cutting Width
  • 30% Maximum Slope
  • 5.1Ah Battery
  • 10.9 kg
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Building on the high-end Segway Navimow H Series the new i Series is designed to be smarter and easier to configure for people with smaller gardens and all at a cheaper price. The i Series will skilfully navigate through your garden, ensuring every corner is evenly mowed without need for boundary wires.  The user can easily set up or mark temporary off-limit areas, and draw safe channels to connect multiple zones for instance if you have lawn either side of a pathway. 

Navimow i105E and i108E

These two new products from Segway are identical, bar the size of battery, and, therefore, the area they can cover. The entry-level model is the Navimow i105E costing £949 and covering an area up to 500m.  The Navimow i108E, will cost £1199 and can cover an area up to 800m2.

Rather than using boundary wire, the i Series uses GPS with the Exact Fusion Location System 2.0 (EFLS) system with one receiver in the robot and the other connected to the docking station.  This is designed to provide precise location and mapping via Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning.

For this i Series range, Segway has manufactured its own RTK module, which the company promises makes for easier setup. Plus, Segway has optional 2m extension poles and roof-mount kits available if you need to relocate the base station’s receiver to get a better signal. 

Upgraded vision system

Both i Series products have an integrated VisionFence camera for improved navigation, obstacle avoidance and smarter mapping.  With the camera, the automower can automatically recognise garden borders, creating its own map (manual override is available).

VisionFence with its fish-eye camera and 140° degree field of view uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect different objects and avoid them, including BBQs, picnic blankets, toys, garden tools and more.

Should the automower move to an area with poor satellite coverage, it can uses its camera to aid navigation. This feature is available during daylight hours only and is switched off at night, although a headlight does mean that object avoidance is still available.

With the camera, the robot is capable of more precise navigation, offering a new Ride-On mode. With this enabled, the i Series can move down a border at the same level as the lawn, cutting right to the edge and removing the need for a grass trimmer. For taller boundaries, such as fences, the lawnmower can cut within 10cm of the edge.

Cutting heights

Rather than using a motor to adjust the cutting height, the i Series automower has a manual dial on top that allows a cutting height of between 2cm and 6cm.  Perfect whether you desire that tightly cut look or the slightly fuller lush finish. With a manual adjustment dial the user cannot alter the height from from the app. 

Smart features

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are built-in, giving a full resource of options from the app including manual start/stop options and scheduling. There is an optional 4G module, which can be used in larger gardens where Wi-Fi coverage is poor. And for additional security the 4G module also adds a safety lock, whereby the robot will lock if it’s removed from its home location, Locations can then be monitored from the app aiding prompt retrieval.

The intuitive app control, also allows users to set mowing schedules, monitor performance, and adjust settings from anywhere.

Segway are continually developing there product with software updates automatically loading on to the automower.  As the automower learns more about the area covered further software is developed to make it more efficient in its running.

With plans to boost the Segway automowers smart features further including planned integration with Alexa and Google there has never been a better time to invest in a Segway.

Battery life

The integrated battery supports extended mowing cycles, ideal for medium-sized gardens up to 800m². The device features intuitive app control, allowing users to set mowing schedules, monitor performance, and adjust settings from anywhere. 

Specification i108E

  • Covers up to 800m²
  • Fully automatic mowing map creation
  • Excellent obstacle avoidance
  • No need for cable laying
  • Efficiently mows the lawn with a cutting height of 20-60mm and a cutting width of 18cm
  • IPX-6 water protection
  • Rain and frost protection
  • Handles slopes up to 30%
  • 3-blade system
  • Brushless motor
  • 58 dB noise level

Optional Accessories

  • Robot garage i
  • Temporary fence
  • Blade accessories
  • Antenna extension kit
  • Antenna extension cable


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Lawn Mower Type

Robotic Lawn Mower

Machine Category

Lawn Mowers

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Technical Info

Technical Info

i105E i108E
MSRP £949 £1199
Recommended mowing area 500m² 800m²
Cutting Height Adjustment Manual Manual
Cutting Width 18cm 18cm
Max. slope 30% 30%
Battery 2.55Ah 5.1Ah
Running/Mowing Time per charge 60min 120min
Charging Time 90 min 180 min
Noise 58 dB (A) 58 dB (A)
Protection Level IP66 IP66
Net Weight 10.9kg 10.9kg
Localisation system RTK + Vision RTK + Vision
IoT Connectivity Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G (optional) Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G (optional)
Obstacle Avoidance VisionFence VisionFence
Virtual Boundary * *
Systematic Mowing Pattern * *
Automatic Charging * *
App Control * *
Weather Adaptive Self-adaptive Self-adaptive
OTA Updates * *
Multi-zone Management * *
In-app Live Chat Support * *


Robotic Lawn Mowers Delivery

When you purchase a robotic mower from ABA Groundcare you will receive a call from one of our robotic mower experts within 24 hours to discuss your purchase. Alternatively you can speak with one of our experts prior to making your purchase to make sure you are buying the correct machine for your garden. Or arrange a garden visit for our expert to visit you. Please contact us on 01305 257952.

We offer a full installation service across the South West. Covering Devon, Somerset, Cornwall & Dorset. If you live outside of these areas we can still supply you with the products, installation accessories and we can even offer you guidance and advise on how to install and maintain your product yourself.

Every installation is different and so is the cost of doing this, we advise you discussing and making a plan first with one of our experts to make sure it is right, as the art to any robotic mowing system is in the installation. If you chose not to purchase from us or use our services, please make sure you are using an experienced installer to carry it out. You can view more information on this and view our videos on how this is done on our robotic lawn mower page.

If you are purchasing from us on a supply only basis, delivery will usually be 2-3 business days from order. If we are supplying and installing the product for you, this will normally be completed within a couple weeks from purchase, our robotic mower expert will discuss this with you when he calls. During busy periods these timescales can increase but we will let you know asap if anything changes.




For models in the EU and the UK, please refer to the following table.

This Limited Warranty covers only defects of any material or quality of the Product and components when the Product and components thereof are being used under normal and ordinary conditions.  In the event that a defect covered by this Limited Warranty occurs, Navimow and/or other Navimow Parties in its sole discretion will repair or replace the defective Product or components thereof in accordance with this Limited Warranty.  The applicable Limited Warranty Period for the Limited Warranty commences on the date of the original purchase of the Product from either of Navimow, Navimow’s authorised reseller, Navimow’s authorised distributor, or an authgorised Dealer (each a “Navimow Dealer” or collectively the “Navimow Dealers”).

Product covered by this warranty Limited Warranty Period
i 105E, i 1058E 3 years
Battery packs and power adaptors 2 years
H500E, H800E 3 years
H1500E, H3000E 4 years
Battery pack and power adaptors 2 years (H500E, H800E)

3 years (H1500E, H3000E)

Ultrasonic sensor 2 years
VisionFence Sensor 2 years

Blades are seen as consumable and are not covered by this warranty.

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